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Thor Week Day 01

  • Why are you a Thor fan and what draws you to Thor?

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Can we just appreciate Papa Lestrade for a moment?

I mean. Papa Lestrade went to John’s place to give him some of Sherlock’s things and knew that John was lying to him after he said he was ok.  You can see it in his face that he doesn’t believe John.

Papa Lestrade visits Anderson on a regular basis and listens to all of his crazy theories and even though he doesn’t believe them and tries to tell Anderson that, he still humors him and listens to them on what seems to be a regular basis.

We always joke about how Lestrade is a father figure to Sherlock, but look at the way he hugs him.  He’s like the prodigal son returned home and Lestrade couldn’t be happier to see him.

Who does Sherlock call when he gets into trouble?  Who does he call when he needs help?  Who does he rely on most in the police force? Papa Lestrade.  And Lestrade drops everything for him.  He dropped everything to come help Sherlock with no questions asked.  And Sherlock couldn’t trust just anyone to help him out with the best man speech.  He asked Lestrade because he literally thought that Lestrade should be best man.  It was his first choice when John asked him. It only makes sense for Sherlock to ask Lestrade for help.

And finally, who bails them out time and time again? Papa Lestrade.

Papa Lestrade puts up with a lot of shit.

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hurt more than this


because the rooftop scene was dramatic. it was big, emotional, you knew something drastic was going to happen.

the scene at the wedding was subtle. a much smaller indicator of a much bigger change. just a small expression of how much sherlock is hurting, but it means so much more.

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